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How to Research Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Your photos will be the most precious memory of your wedding. When your wedding photographer gives it to you, you'll want to share it right away. You will remember your kisses, promises, and the first dance on your wedding video and photos for years to come. Hiring the best photographer to capture these exciting moments is a significant decision. It is also essential to find a professional who understands your idea for your wedding day and document it in style. But you will also want someone you trust and feel comfortable with because he or she will be with you throughout the wedding day. To help you find a professional wedding photographer and videographer to handle this task, we have enlisted some of the best and easy steps to make your event memorable.

8 Easy Ways to Research Wedding Photographer & Videographer

1- Book your venue first

Book your first venue

You should hire a photographer after securing your venue. Try to book his services about 8-9 months before the wedding if he is in high demand. 

2- Search your social network for references

Search your social network for references.

Hit your newly married friends whose wedding documents attract you. Ask for suggestions and references from your wedding planner or reception site administrator.

3- Discover the style of photography you like

Discover the style of photography you like.

Try to understand your preferred style of photography. For example, if you like bright colors with many saturated colors, or maybe you prefer a more vintage appearance with different washed-out tones and a dreamy, vivid memory. Make a list of a few photographers whose visual life is with you. Send them an email to know their rate and availability on your wedding date. If you prefer one, make sure his availability at the date, and if his fees are within your budget, schedule an early appointment. 

4- Interview the photographers

Interview the photographers

Some photographers will send their portfolio links before the first meetup. Do not just rely on the "best highlights" of a lot of different weddings. You should check if the portfolio includes recent wedding photography from start to end; he has shot. This is the best way to evaluate the performance of the photographer. Moreover, you should also ask if he shot at your location and, if so, ask to get these photos.

5- Confirm the exact photographer

Confirm the exact photographer

Once you meet up, try to confirm who exactly will shoot on your wedding day. Some big studios hire different photographers. Even with an individual operation, it is not uncommon for a photographer to prepare assistants to handle shots for the bride and groom, focusing on the bride and groom's wedding. In such cases, ask to see the photographer's work who is going to work at your wedding.

6- Discuss the fee

Discuss the fee

Some photographers' fees cover all aspects, including photograph albums, prints, and high-resolution pictures. However, others charge hourly rates and charge you by card for any photo or album of your choice. They will give you price lists featuring many different packages they offer at different prices. You should confirm what is included in your budget set. Also, verify his total spending hours at your wedding. Will, there be another shooter or not; this will give you more detailed shots. You should also confirm when they will provide all final albums for printing.

7- Go with your gut

Go with your gut

After reviewing each and everything, and narrowing down your choices, make your final decision. Keep in mind that you are going to spend your whole wedding day with this photographer. Are you completely comfortable with him? Does your fiancé like him or not? 

8- Schedule a test run. (Engagement photoshoot)

Schedule a test run

An engagement photoshoot is the best idea and chance to know your photographer. It will also help you to feel comfortable on your wedding day with him. So, you will not be camera-shy at this memorable event. 


Conclusively, you should start thinking 5-6 months early about wedding photography and videography. If you plan it at the last moment, you may leave it with regret in the end. Besides this, the cost of such services is higher than the actual date of your marriage on an urgent basis.

Choose solutions and visuals that best match your wedding style.

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