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12 Wedding Video Ideas That Are Perfect For You

Updated: May 30, 2021

Wedding Ideas

Wedding videos are incredible for capturing genuine moments with guests, recording your memories and sharing with far off friends and family. These 12 wedding video ideas are among the most innovative ideas you would have never seen. So whether you need wedding video ideas for you and your partner to watch after the large day, ideas for wedding videos to be appeared during the gathering, or even plans to be imparted to guests before the real wedding, this post has something for everybody.

1. Create a Wedding Highlight

Use clips and music to create a wedding video highlight or trailer. Use music to highlight those perfect feelings throughout the ceremony. Capture the natural emotions you felt during those days.

2. Make a Pics Collage

Create your wedding pics collage and post them on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites. Use creative hashtags while posting them. Save the wedding videos in the order of events that took place.

3. Honour the Loved Ones

You can honour the loved ones you lost by adding their videos and pics in your wedding video slideshow. Add their videos in which they make funny faces and mimic them.

4. Capture the Proposal

Capturing the proposal is very trendy these days. You can use hidden cameras while you propose to your partner or you can re-enact the whole situation at the same location to give your video a magical touch.

5. Involve the Kids

Get the kids involved in your wedding as they give it a charming and fresh look. Tell kids to select members giving them awards for funniest dancer, good-looking couple, best dance move, and so on.

6. Introduce the Wedding Party

Include the gang and ask them to say their role in the wedding party, what they know about the wedding couple, what advice should they give to the wedding couple? This is a wonderful thing to do on your auspicious day of wedding.

7. Involve your Dog in your Wedding

Involve your dog and be him a ring bearer and it will create a funny and fresh environment and capture the laughing and smiling faces of your loved ones. Be sure to practice this idea with your dog before the day of the wedding. This is one of the unique wedding wedding video ideas.

8. Forward Video Thank you Clips

Make 15 sec short video thanking each guest for their precious time and gift. You can add special music and effects in your videos.

9. Film in a Cinematic Style

Film your wedding video in the cinematic style as cinematic videos are more elaborate and trendy these days. Make your friends and guests happy by showing them unique video.

10. Infuse your Culture

Infuse your culture in your wedding. If you are a Russian, add Russian tune to your wedding video. Add your religion and cultural traditions in your wedding video. Wedding is a precious day in your life. Hence adding tradition and culture gives you lots of blessings for your rest of life.

11. Do a Group Dance

If your family is fond of dancing, hire a choreographer and prepare a group dance for the wedding. Prepare a short dance video and make sure to rehearsal it before the wedding. This will add a spark in your wedding. Enjoy the dance.

12. Add your Wedding Vows as Voiceover

Use mics while you vow or record them separately and add them in your best wedding video as voiceover during the ceremony. Then add the video and cut the original sound and layer the vows in your video. Now you can enjoy the feeling and emotions of your vows and they are saved as your beautiful memory as wedding video.


Make your life’s special day memorable with these trendy wedding video ideas. Your friends are definitely going to ask from where you got to know about these unique wedding video ideas. Get ready to rock on your dream day with these superb wedding video ideas.

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