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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you Capture a wedding day?

At GS weddings we only use the best and high definition 35mm latest technology equipment to capture your special day. Together with our professional videographers experience in weddings and fun personalities, We are sure to you not only get the best possible quality videos but you enjoy your and the rest of your life. By allowing you to be stress free, your  video captured will reflect this. stunning final product to keep forever.

We will meet with you on prior to your wedding day and we provide a full scope plan on the style of video you would like. The preparation we make towards your big day your wedding day means we get the job done right and edited just the way you dreamed it would be.

2. What type of coverage do you offer?

Most of our wedding videos come with all-day coverage. That means your full day will be filmed from Start to Finish. If you have requested a package that includes an engagement shoot, our professional videographers will have organized a day with you to visit a landscape location in Vancouver.

In most cases, we start at the groom’s house followed by the bride’s house depending on how many videographers you hire and we follow through to the church or wedding venue. We then select the perfect location for your video shoot and follow through to the reception where we stay till the end and capture the entire reception with speeches first dance and more. nothing will be missed.

3. What is the difference between an edited and unedited wedding video?

An unedited video is a basic recording of your wedding day coverage. This footage cuts from one shot to the next which means there is no music added to the footage. An edited wedding video is more of a creative experience. This footage is edited with music, video motion effects such as titles and transitions to create a beautiful program that captures the action and emotion of the day. Basically, it is a movie of your wedding day shot in high definition professional video and DSLR cameras.

4. What wedding video package is best for you?

We have a wide range of packages. You are welcome to select your preferred package and we are able to assist you with this also. We can custom any packages to suit your final product the way you want. Feel free to make any additions to a particular package that you require.

5. Do I have a choice of music for our video?

Most of our brides and grooms prefer to choose the music for their wedding video and montage. All our wedding video USB and DVD packages include the bride’s choice of music. If you would prefer us to choose these and give you some music ideas if you would like us to do so we will work together in creating a beautiful video.

6. Where are you located and what areas of wedding services do you cover for a wedding shoot?

We are located in Burnaby and we cover all areas in Vancouver and the lower mainland's and to North Vancouver BC. Contact us for other services as We are connected to other wedding services and vendors.

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