Why people say not to book a wedding videographer, and why you should consider it.

When it comes to your wedding day and you are looking to save money, then you need to look at some areas where you need to cut costs and save. You also may think about not getting a wedding videographer or any other elements to your wedding.  Here are some people that say its still recommended to hire a videographer.

Why spend money on a wedding videographer!

Arguments against hiring a videographer: You only need photos”

Wedding Photography is very important to a wedding because of the memories and more. But you’re not getting the Wedding vows herd nor the jokes of speech and the movement of the bride and groom dancing. It’s very important but exactly the same. To be able to watch your wedding video as a montage or even a short version in a few minutes is quite simply, exciting.

We spoke to Marcus at Marcus at Rusbourne Media, and said, “I’ve always found it interesting that wedding photography is typically at the top of wedding couples’ lists when booking photographers for their wedding day, while video is thought as more a event add-on or maybe somewhere to allocate any remaining budget.”

Booking a wedding videographer is also as important, and would be thought as equal to photography when it comes to hiring. Also in regards to shooting all of the raw moments on the wedding day, videographers main skill also lays within the skill of video editing — where they spend many hours editing a wedding storyline which best represents not only the wedding day, but also the love shared between the couple from how they started.

Marcus is a wedding videographer who says his aim is to, “make your wedding day into a amazing film, which tells a story for the couples to watch in the future and memories to come”. It will going cost good money to book a talented, professional shooter that uses expensive equipment, and spends many hours editing your personally story given wedding video. But your investment is completely worth in booking a videographer for just only one day in your life.

Marcus also said that: “It may seem difficult to the thought the cost of hiring a videographer, however, there are many hard hours put in the editing to create such memorable films, which people may not be aware of. You giving the editors a time to which they will create a wonderful video memories for all couples to hold on to forever.

Professional videographers will have there moment to get to know you, as individuals and as a couples, “Offering free consultations, phone calls, plan meetings which in turn how we communicate these days due to covid-19, they will learn more about a your relationship to understand you and the love you share between the couples. This will allow shooters to capture you in the most honest way, and make your wedding day into a fantastic story video, for generations to come.”

Your not going to ever watch your wedding video! While this could be true for some people. Many couples LOVE being able to watch their wedding day on video! We recommend talking with your partner on your anniversary and watching your wedding video again. It brings back memories and relive your wedding day experience.

“While some couples may think that they would not watch their wedding film again, you just don't know until you have your own. How often do you find one watching someone else’s wedding film, realizing you’re 10 minutes in and getting all emotional? Just think how that couple would have felt for themselves! This is the most important day of your once in a life time lives, watched and shared with all of your family and friends even from another city or country. Try and realize that how much effort and money can go into planning your wedding and that not to show of your wedding day again and forever. It is a priceless video you will ever own!

For ever and ever

In fact no one has ever said or regret hiring a wedding videographer.

If your in 2 minds get one or at least get a free consultation and talk to your nearest wedding videographer, its easy. with the current covid 19 restrictions on travel and limited gatherings, Many couples are making the decision on postponing there wedding date or have a limited small wedding and a mall amount of guests invited. That which most videographers will have a zoom wedding which will be viewed and shared with all that are invited to the wedding and which many cannot attend due to covid-19.


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