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Cheap wedding videographers, and how to find one.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Why hire a cheap wedding videographer? It also depends on your wedding budget. You can talk to your videographer to customize packages and let them know what you really want to be shot. Our videographer will save you time and money to come up with a affordable package for your wedding videos. Communication is the key to for an affordable wedding.

Many wedding videographers have a pricelist ready to set your wedding alight, Others have a system to which they can customize your wedding video or photo packages. Hiring a cheap wedding videographer reflects that the job would be cheap in quality but its not. It is just and friendly budget job with limited shots for a shorter period of time in shooting your wedding.

Customize your wedding packages. Do ask a lot of questions regarding your wedding day that will limit the time videographer will shoot that you don't want. Tell your videographer if you need another shooter because the more videographer the more you will have to pay because of the files they have for video editing as well..

Wedding video referral Discounts. Ask friends or family members if they know any videographers from past weddings. Wedding videographers tend to give family members a discount to other family members if they refer them to another wedding.

Hire a local videographer. If you hire a local shooter you will save money and time for the videographer to travel for and from the wedding location. in other words if your from Toronto and your getting married in Vancouver hire a wedding videographer that is located in Vancouver. This will also save money due to the fact they have wedding equipment that's worth quit a bit because they will save themselves carrying all the equipment

Book your wedding with multiple packages. Don't just book a videographer. ask the reception if they have a complete package for the wedding such as a wedding videographer and photographer as well as a wedding dj all in one package. you will be surprised on how much you will save when you hire 3 or more wedding professionals in the one go. Google it.

Your wedding day date; Many wedding videographers that are competitive in which effects the cost of the wedding day because its on a Saturday. Ask the them if its cheaper to do it on a Friday or Sunday because it will probably be cheaper any other day. Another date you might consider is the wedding season because most brides and grooms get married on the high season which will be spring or summer. That too will effect the cost of a wedding. So having your wedding in winter (low season) will save you a lot of your wedding budget.


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