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Most Affordable Wedding Day.

Are there certain seasons, months or days during the year where you can cut costs when preparing a wedding date? So let me break it down for you! There certain months each year that most couples choose to get married this is the wedding season and then there are also specific days so for the wedding season. Most wedding season span between May and October however if you are in a warmer climate like the Caribbean it may be more like January to March. Research and check it out online and see when the wedding season is in your area. Now for days from my experience, the most popular day to get married is Saturday and the second is Friday.

If you’re planning your wedding during the wedding season because of the popularity on a Friday and a Saturday it is the most expensive time to get married. This is because they’re such a high demand for venues they don’t have to give you a discount on the space if you are looking to cut costs. We have a few tips to share with you. We would suggest choosing a month outside of the wedding season in your area. Second, we would suggest choosing any day besides Friday and Saturday, I know that maybe your first preference however you can still have an amazing wedding on Sunday. I just think of it as an extended weekend vacation he doesn’t like an extended weekend and lastly if you really really want to have your wedding during wedding season or on a Friday or Saturday think about having a brunch wedding as opposed to Evening wedding that will also allow you to cut costs.

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