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Things every bride should know before wedding night!

We will be sharing some tips every woman should know before their wedding day.

A woman in China came up with the idea to test her boyfriend to see how much he really loved her so she came up with a plan to get her makeup done to transform herself into a 70-year-old woman. She put on a beautiful wedding dress and met her boyfriend out in public with cameras rolling she asked him if he would still love her when they were old and grey but unfortunately, her plan backfired instead of professing his love for her despite her new mature appearance. He demanded that you remove all of the makeup from her face. When she refused, he stormed off and left her crying in the streets. When it comes to getting married you should always make that commitment to someone who will love you no matter what you look like. Looks like we feel so bad for this girl but at least she found out sooner rather than later that her boyfriend wasn't going to be around for the Long Haul even know she had good intentions.

Makeup always looks best when it's applied naturally when some products are used incorrectly. They can also age you like if you're wearing the wrong foundation color so just remember less is more when it comes to makeup and you can never go wrong with an all-natural look.

How to take perfect pictures To take perfect pictures when the big day arrives there will be cameras everywhere even if you don't hire a photographer most of your wedding guests will have their cell phone cameras ready to capture every moment. Wouldn't you be horrified if your friends and family started posting photos from your wedding day on social media and you look like this is fried looks like maybe she was caught in his keys right at the camera flash how embarrassing right! You can't expect to look stunning in every photo but at least you can try. There are tons of ways you can make sure that you look Flawless from each angle to start to make sure you keep your face relaxed at all times this will ensure that you're pictures looking angry or with your eyes squinting. Next, make sure to stand up straight and keep your neck elongated will lift up your head and decrease the chances of you being photographed with a double chin. Also, slide you never look good in photos of Sol practice having good posture ahead of time. Your shoulders back push your chest forward and pull your belly button towards your spine having good posture will not only make you look fabulous but it can also make you look a bit Slimmer in your wedding day photos.

Accidents will happen in a perfect world

Your wedding day would go smoothly from start to finish but unfortunately, accidents are bound to happen many brides spend months searching high and low for the perfect wedding dress. When they finally find one they usually sell out at least $1,000 or more what the amount of money that spent on wedding gowns.

No one wants to think about her dress accidentally getting ruined but the truth is there's always a chance that if Spills of food can dirty up the fabric or some red wine can completely stain it. Bride Laura picked out a dress that cost $3,000 when she went to the Dress Boutique for her first fitting she brought along her bridesmaids. One of her bridesmaids wanted to celebrate the occasion by having a glass of red wine but look at what happened next, the wine spilled all over Laura's wedding dress. Thankfully this turned out to be a scene from a popular television show but things like this happen all the time in real life.

To be prepared for any accidental spills on your wedding day make sure you have some emergency stain removal supplies. The fabric gently with a white cloth soaked in a bit of warm water then use the baby powder white soap or white chalk to cover up the stain. When you're all finished your dress will look brand new again.

Beauty rest The night before your wedding you'll probably have the pre-wedding Jitters. It's not unlikely that you'll be up all night in anticipation of the big event but if you want to make sure you display your wedding photos and you look as beautiful as ever getting enough beauty sleep.

First, suggest you should never have your bachelorette party the night before your wedding day unless you want to show up to the venue with dark circles underneath your eyes on the evening before your set to walk down the aisle and make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Try to stay away from guzzling down alcoholic beverages. When it's time to hit the sack you'll want to go to bed as early as possible. He'll probably be too nervous to fall asleep right away but try some relaxation techniques or count sheep until you finally doze off.

Have you ever been unable to fall asleep the night before a big event if so what did you do to finally make yourself sleep?

Test your makeup. Do you get all dolled up and wear a full-face of make-up when you go out with your friends or out on a date, it's so you'll probably notice that your makeup application looks a lot different when you're not at home in front of your mirror? Makeup can look a lot different in pictures.

If a photo is taken with a camera flash on your makeup could look brighter with the flash off your face could look cakier or your bright red lipstick may have been on fleek when you put it on at home but in your selfies, with your BFF the red shade might look a lot darker when your wedding day rolls around I want to run the risk of your makeup looking absolutely crazy. All of your photos that's why many Beauty experts suggest to test out your makeup look beforehand. Doing so you'll need your makeup artist to apply your makeup exactly how you're wearing on your wedding day. Then grab a friend and ask them to take pictures of you with a camera flash on and off. If your makeup still looks gorgeous no matter what! then the coast is clear, but if anything looks funny like your foundation seems a bit off or your eye makeup is overpowering your entire look then it's time to make some adjustments!

Waterproof makeup No matter how hard you try you'll probably let a few tears fall on your wedding day. It's the most important and happiest day of your life so no one's going to judge you if you get a bit emotional. We're not suggesting that you try your hardest to fight back the tears especially if you're an extremely emotional person so instead, we'll give some tips to all the sentimental women out there this is the proven way on how you can still look like a million bucks with tears streaming down your face.

All you need to do is invest in some waterproof makeup is the Lifesaver in these situations so you'll want to make sure to stock up on all the best friends beforehand.

When shopping for the perfect product you still need to learn the difference between waterproof and water-resistant waterproof makeup will leave you looking perfect despite the humidity here is wet and extreme heat water-resistant makeup is just as good but it doesn't provide the same amount of protection for your wedding day. You'll definitely want to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

Make sure your skin is nice and clean before you or your makeup artist starts supplying each product then go ahead and cry your heart out.

Avoid diets Most brides want to look amazing on her wedding day but how far will some people go to obtain the perfect body. While we have a story about one bride who dropped so much weight has landed her in the hospital. She had always been a size 14 and after seeing a picture of herself she decided it was time to get in shape. She's slim down to a size 8 but the help of a weight loss plan she's also fantastic when it came time to try on wedding dresses. On the day of her wedding she started to feel sick she doubled over in pain and had to make a run for the restroom her condition didn't improve. So she was rushed to the hospital she ended up spending the rest of her wedding night hooked up to an IV and her conditions definitely could have been caused by how fast she lost weight. Even if you have just a few months to get into shape you can still do so safely. You can cut your portion sizes, drink lots of water, eat fruits and veggies and exercise. You can drop some pounds and show up to your wedding day look amazing. Just remember that no diet is worth putting your health in Jeopardy.

So ask another former bride how she would have handled the situation if she would off gotten married again. What she would do diferently?

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