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Steps to take before planning your Wedding!

One thing that comes to your mind is how am I going to start planning my Wedding? Before you even plan you are already stressing out. While many couples call on Wedding planners or someone with wedding experience to plan a Wedding there many reasons you would opt to take on the responsibilities on your own.

Planing a Wedding is time. One thing to consider when planning your own Wedding is time. you may plan your Wedding in a short time which will put you under pressure and you do not want that. Most couples plan there Wedding from 10 months to 1 year so that way they can tick of any planning they have done. Keep in mind to take notes during the day or keep a pen and paper handy next to your bed just in case any idea pops up in your head so you can write it down on a notepad. Try and avoid inputting your ideas on your phone or any electrical device. because you will forget to open it up. It has happened to couples before.

  • Big or small Wedding! It all comes down to how many guests are going to be at your Wedding. Talk to your partner about what type of wedding will interest you. Is it going to be a big or small Wedding? Before making decisions make sure you write it down set out a spreadsheet. ill explain this later on, Try and talk to experienced family members or married friends on how it went when they were planning there own Wedding and ask them what they would have done if they were to do it again.

  • Wedding blackouts. Planning ahead of time if your Wedding date falls the same day as an important event or other local events that could affect the traffic and hotel room availability. Make sure your Wedding day is free from interruption so you can have a well free-flowing Wedding. Take note of your honeymoon as well. with flights and hotel travel. Put that on your checklist.

  • Don't rush into decisions. It may be exciting to book the first photographer or florist you meet, but when it comes to booking Wedding vendors, it's important not to rush into any decisions made when planning your Wedding. Have a few options and make sure these important wedding day partners understand your style of wedding and can work within your budget.

  • Plan your budget. Weddings these days cost a fortune. Determine how much you are going to spend on your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. In reality these days in age you will get some or all your money back as your Wedding gift.

  • Plan just in case of the weather. It might be snowing or a really hot day. Make sure you talk about where you need to purchase umbrellas just in case it rains.

  • Prioritize your wish list. For many years you have wanted a wedding of a lifetime and ideas of your type of Wedding comes and goes within your lifetime. Try and bring back those memories and take note of them and put them down on your checklist. Make sure your wish list fits your budget when doing your research.

  • Vendors and Wedding services. How and where are you going to find them? The internet has full of Wedding professional in all areas. There are many options to look for wedding photographers, Catering services and the list goes on. I find Google and facebook groups are often the way to go unless you have had a friend or relative refer you to a vendor.

  • Kiss your bride to be. She loves it...

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