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Our approach towards Weddings creates a Breathtaking mood for brides and grooms to spend there wedding day Capturing one of the most important days of their lives in complete style. Using the latest cinematography equipment for Vancouver and Distant wedding services is our number one priority. We film and edit on the latest high quality digital equipment that will provide you with a crystal clear Work. GS Weddings will work with you to ensure that the event is filmed and edited to suit your wedding style of the function.
We Film for small cozy intimate weddings and through to large scale events. Our brides and grooms are always relaxed as they enjoy their wedding day.
Before making any decisions selecting your wedding Videographers or photographers, be sure to meet with us to discuss your requirements.

More About Our Wedding Services...

A wedding marks an essential stage in life, which is the unity two individuals who are in love and have vowed to come together as couples. It is a very seldom occasion, probably once in for most of the people, because of this reason, the organizers are obliged to ensure that the entire process is a success and best results are registered. There are fundamental facts that determine the outcome of a wedding; they include; the wedding photography or videography, ideas and the disk jockey (DJ) selected to entertain the audience present during the entire session. Those in charge must, therefore, take their time in the event of selection of these factors for maximum results.

Wedding photography or videography involves the whole process of taking photographs of the couple before the marriage together with coverage of the wedding and the reception; there are two major approaches to wedding photography, namely; the traditional and the photojournalistic approaches. The former entails the ancient methods that were used where individuals pose after which they are captured, nevertheless, some specific lights or background images are put in place before the caption such that the pictures or videos are perfect. The latter is the method where the photographer takes pictures or videos at any given time without considering the posture or the environment that forms the background of such caption, usually continuous, from the preparation through to the end of the entire wedding ceremony. Choosing a high-skilled flexible photographer with modern and powerful machines that have a backup system means a memorable wedding.

The DJ plays a very vital role in any wedding, therefore, the decisions on who to select needs much consideration. Check on the experience and the records in other weddings or occasions to ensure he or she is the right person for the job. The machines including the speakers, turntables, microphones, wires, cables, and projectors amongst others should be in good condition, checked and tested to confirm they work perfectly well before the wedding commences. He or she should have an assistant since every human experience the law of diminishing returns, plus it’s just wise as anything can happen to call for the assistant to chip in. The DJ should be flexible enough to ensure that everybody is entertained; this is achieved by the music selection, his or her fluency, and audibility for the entire process to be enjoyable and splendid.

When it comes to ideas, everything that revolves around a wedding is touched. The flowers, choose the best fall wedding bouquetsthat shall make the entire show glamorous and full of life. The cake; type, color, size flavor, and the shape. Invitation etiquette questions, classes of people to invite. The instrumental songs, those played before the arrival of the couple, those players as they walk down to the podium and those played in the course of other activities such breakfast or reception. Planning and budget which form the basis of every wedding, the total anticipated cost and plans on how to raise such funds for it to come to pass. Favor and gifts which usually come towards the end of the occasion after which people summarize and leave for their various areas of residence having wished the newly married couples a happily ever after.